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Social Security Disability

What should I do if I believe that I am disabled?

First you should contact your local Social Security Office and apply for a Title II or Title XVI benefits. 

how we can help

We represent a variety of disabled individuals before the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration allows us to charge a contingency fee arrangement which may vary from year to year.

Currently, the Social Security Administration allows us to receive 1/4 of your past due benefits or a maximum of $5,300.00 whichever is less. The Social Security fee is a contingency fee which means if we do not recover monies for you, then we do not receive attorney’s fee. The Social Security Administration also allows us, in certain situations, to obtain recovery of our out-of-pocket costs from you.

According to the Social Security Administration, you can be found disabled if you meet a medical listing, or you can be found disabled if you fit within a certain category within the medical and vocational guidelines. We will actively investigate your case, review all your medical documents, and correspond with your medical physicians.

Particularly in a Social Security case there are the following levels of review:

  1. Administrative review and upon denial
  2. Reconsideration and upon denial
  3. Hearing before any Administrative Law Judge and upon denial
  4. Appeal to the Appeals Council and upon denial
  5. Appeal to the United States District Court for a Judge trial on your disability


We are prepared to represent you at the Reconsideration level, and will continue to represent you through the Appeals Council level.