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If you are charged with either a misdemeanor or felony:

what you should know

You should first exercise your fifth amendment right against self-incrimination, which means you should remain silent and not discuss your case with anyone but your lawyer.

how we can help

We represent people who have been charged with misdemeanor as well as felony crimes within the State of North Carolina. We represent people charged with various misdemeanors such as Driving While Impaired, assaults, careless and reckless driving and other misdemeanor traffic violations.

We represent people charged with a variety of felonies such as possession of controlled substances; kidnapping, rape, and trafficking in drugs.

We will investigate your case by interviewing all witnesses such as investigating officers, or any other people who are involved in a particular offense.  We will discuss the case with you and the District Attorney.  We will determine whether or not you should enter a plea of guilty or non-guilty. We will discuss the availability of plea negotiations in your case and inform you of any potential sentence. 

We will work your case from all angles, and we are prepared to try your case before a jury in Superior Court.