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Injuries on the Job

what you should do

First you should immediately notify your employer of the circumstances surrounding your injury. You should immediately request medical treatment for your injuries. After you have done that, you should immediately contact your lawyer to discuss your options.

How can we help?

We handle work-related accidents which involve injury by accidents, back injuries by specific traumatic accidents and injuries through occupational diseases. We take workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee, subject to the approval of the North Carolina Industrial Commission. A contingency fee means that if we do not recover any monies for you, then we do not recover an attorney’s fee. Normally, the Industrial Commission approves a contingency fee of l/4 of your recovery. 

We will investigate your work-related accident. We will interview all witnesses. We will enter into active negotiations with the insurance company concerning your case.  We will monitor your medical treatment. We will advise you after you reach maximum medical improvement about your options. We will help you negotiate a final settlement.

If we are unable to settle your case with the insurance company, if your claim is denied, or if there is a disagreement as to the amount of your compensation, we are ready, willing and able to try your case in court before a Deputy Commissioner.

Upon appeal of a Deputy Commissioner’s decision, we are prepared to actively litigate your case before the Full Commission.