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We handle any kind of property: land, single family homes, and townhouses.

Purchasing a home or land

what should I do?

Contact your lawyer and have him or her draft an Offer to Purchase and Contract for you.

how do I get started buying a home or land?

First, if you have the money, buy the land or home outright.

how we can help with the transfer?

We will be happy to prepare the necessary documents for that transfer. We will perform all title work necessary to make sure you are the owner of the property. We will properly record your documents with the Register of Deeds Office.

how we can help you if you are getting a loan?

If you are unable to pay cash for either your land or home, you will probably obtain financing by a loan through either an individual lender or a lending institution such as a bank.

We will work with your lender to prepare all loan paperwork. We will perform all the necessary title work to assure that you actually own the property. We will record all documents before the Register of Deeds. We will strive hard to answer all questions and will be available to you during each step of the process.