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Traffic tickets

Our firm regularly represents persons charged with traffic offenses in Chatham County, which may be scheduled for court in either Pittsboro or Siler City.

What you should know

Before you mail your traffic ticket to the Chatham County Clerk of Court or appear in court to answer the charge against you, you should be aware that most traffic tickets result in insurance points and license points. The license points you may receive can affect your privilege to drive in North Carolina. Your license may be revoked or suspended because of the license points you accumulate, or due to a violation of a specific regulation of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

what we can do

An attorney's representation on your ticket may save you money or even save your license.

Depending on the charge and your prior driving record, our firm may be able to negotiate a plea to a lesser offense.

Such a plea arrangement may significantly reduce or eliminate any increase in your insurance, or the possible suspension of your driving privileges.

In most cases it will not be necessary for you to appear in court if you are represented by our firm.

If you have a traffic violation and have not yet hired an attorney, we will be glad to discuss it in person or by phone at your convenience.

There is no fee charged for initial consultations concerning traffic matters.

Driving While Impaired (DWI) Offense

What you should do & Know

  1. You should immediately exercise your fifth amendment right against self-incrimination, which means you should remain silent. You should contact your lawyer immediately so that you can make decisions concerning your rights during a DWI investigation, arrest and subsequent process.
  2. Remember that being charged with a DWI is NOT a finding of guilt because the constitution mandates that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

what we can do

After being charged with a DWI, we will investigate your case by discussing the facts of it with the arresting officer, yourself, and we will also review any audio or video evidence against you. We will evaluate your DWI charge in three major areas:

  1. whether or not the officers had a right to stop your vehicle.
  2. whether or not the officer had a reason to arrest you.
  3. whether or not the State properly processed evidence against you.

During our representation of you for your DWI charge, we will further advise you concerning your rights for driving privileges. We will also advise you about the costs associated with obtaining those privileges, taking alcohol assessments and any other cost requirements from dealing with a DWI charge.

We will inform you of the potential sentence that you could face depending on the facts and circumstances of your case. We will inform you about any jail time and also about the potential fines as well as the effects on your driving privilege. Lastly, we will also inform you about the insurance ramifications from a DWI conviction.

We take your representation seriously and understand what effect this charge can have on you, your family as well as your work. We will actually fight for you in the courtroom and will frankly discuss with you whether you should plea guilty or not guilty to the charge.

If we find a basis for pleading not guilty for your charge, we will actively try your case before a District Court Judge to have that Judge determine whether or not you are guilty of the offense.

If the Judge does find you guilty and you are not satisfied with his reasoning for that finding of guilt, then you have a right to appeal your case to the Superior Court for a jury trial. We will inform you of your rights to a trial in Superior Court.

We will charge a fee for representing you in District Court; if you decide to appeal the district court judge’s decision, and go to Superior Court, a separate fee will be charged.