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Estate Administration

What should I do if a loved one dies? 

You should contact a lawyer to determine whether or not the assets and liabilities of your loved one’s estate would require an estate administration.

how we can help

We represent numerous families in administering the estates of their lost loved ones. Typically we collect the assets of the estate and we determine the debts of the estate. After that, we pay estate debts, and then distribute the remainder among the heirs of the estate as provided by law.

We will assist you in dealing with all creditors of the estate and dealing with all financial institutions of the estate. We will compile all inventories required by law, and we will assist you in all matters of distribution of the estate.

Wills and Powers of Attorney

how we can help

We will gladly meet with you to help you draft a Will which meets your needs.  If in the preparation of a Will, we identify a need to enlist the services of a tax lawyer or an accountant, then we will work in conjunction with those individuals to properly draft your will.

We also offer Power of Attorneys and Health Care Power-of-Attorneys as well as Living Wills.  A Power of Attorney allows someone take care of all your business needs. A Healthcare Power of Attorney allows someone to make medical decisions for you. A Living Will is a document which allows your wishes to become known regarding the use of life sustaining techniques in conjunction with your doctor’s recommendations. 

We also offer our services in dealing with incompetent persons. We will assist you in any guardianship proceeding. We will prepare all documents, review all assets and liabilities, interview the alleged incompetent, and correspond with the alleged incompetent’s doctor. We will assist you in preparations for a trial before the Clerk of Court.